Three musketerns aka derpy birds
Yeah its been too long since I last did watercolor oops
Original photograph by Leslie Scopes Anderson, featured in the May-June 2014 edition of Outdoor California

Anonymous asked: Can you give a small tutorial on drawing necks, shoulders, and heads at different angles?


Alright so I’m not super amazing at head angles or anything but here’s some process on how I go about it.


I always start with a circle and cross guidelines as it helps me greatly imagine where the face is gonna fall when putting it on a angle. I honestly don’t have much else to say other then look at some skulls or pictures of human heads on angles, it’s best to practice from life to get the best idea on how head angles work.


For necks you have to keep in mind the differences in both sexes and body types. When stylizing I tend to give my females (or younger) characters more petite necks and females also usually have more simplified neck structure unless flexing the muscle out. Males have more prominent neck muscles and a larger Adams apple (mostly in older males). When dealing with body type and age however, I may give a younger male more of a feminine neck as they’re not fully developed yet or if I have more of a muscular larger woman I’ll give her a thicker neck, ect.


Now when working with shoulders this is usually my process. I always draw my collar bone into my base sketch as it helps me visualize where my shoulder fall when drawing. Also keep in mind when characterizing that some people have more petite shoulders where as others may have more broad (males tend to have more of a broader shoulder structure then females). Hope this helps you some.

skyward sword link sketch/doodle
i was gonna draw something korra related ‘cause that finale but i gave up after shitty sketches happened so i drew link instead


i made a tutorial for male crotches



Paige VanZant




Bird Music

This is how they write Jazz

yay another doodle dump 
someday i will crawl out of the art block hell pit


Preview of the MV of Vanishing Starlight’s Yodaka no Hoshi!!


requested by a-thousand-crows i hope this is helpful 

everyone go home i am master writer \o/ 
(( jk i’m awful at writing and i totally forgot that “tying the knot” is an idiom ))

Go, ye heroes, go and die!

mmmMMmmm enemy fodder necessary sacrifices for the greater good